egypt travel tours vacation grouptrips
egypt travel tours vacation grouptripsegypt travel tours vacation grouptrips
Private Tours and Group Trips through ancient Egypt
egypt travel tours vacation grouptrips

Do you really want to enjoy your Egyptian vacation, be prepared for the following:
You will visit a culture that is totally different than yours. Read the travel information and the FAQ before your trip. Let Egypt impress you and just let things flow. Don't try to want too much in little time. Egyptians live in a different time-speed than we're used to. Times of appointments are interpreted in a different way. If something goes wrong, just say "ma'lesh" ("it's ok, nevermind"). You will find out that when you put yourself in the Egyptian way of life, you will enjoy this fascinating land, ancient culture and friendly people, a whole lot! You will want to come back every year!

What are the hotels like in Egypte?

You either stay in 3* or 4* hotels, OR when you've booked a "Deluxe" tour, you will stay in 5* accommodations.
The hotels are located in the centers of the towns, or just a couple of minutes away from the lively centers, surrounded by the typical local atmosphere.
Some accommodations have a rooftop terrace where you can enjoy magnificent views over the cities. Some hotels have swimmingpools and/or a bar to hangout.
Every room has its own bathroom and toilet, there's no sharing with us!

Are there possibilities for snorkeling or diving?

Hurghada and Dahab offer a lot of snorkel- and diving possibilities. The Red Sea has beautiful coralreefs that are a 'must see'. We can inform you about the various options.

Are there any dress codes to consider in Egypt?

In this muslim country, being properly dressed is very much appreciated, especially in the countryside. That goes for men and women: covered shoulders, upperarms and knees.

What's the deal with electricity?

The AC is 220 volt and the power points are European. Be sure to bring adapters if you're not sure!

Can I call or email during my journey?

It is very easy to phone home through the landlines and mobiel phones work nearly everywhere, for sure in the whole Nile Valley. Check with your provider before you leave. Internetcafés are available in a lot of places as well, although not always with a fast connection speed.

Do I need a sleepingbag during the trip?

Yes, a sleepingbag is necessary for the nights on the felucca and the camping in the White Desert. You can not rent one on site, you have to bring one yourself.

What is the size of the groups?

Minimum amount of participants is 4. The maximum groupsize is 20 persons.

Where do we sleep when we're on the felucca?

When we travel on the felucca, we will stay aboard for one night. At night we will be at a shoreside for bathroom breaks and for dinner. All meals are included during this trip. We sleep under millions of stars, you only need your handluggage and sleepingbag (the rest of the luggage will be on another boat that follows us).

Which activities / excursions are included?

On the specific pages for the tours, you will be able to see exactly what's included and excluded in the tours. If you have doubts, just email us:

Which meals are included?

In the itineraries of all our tours, mentioned on our website, you will be able to see exactly which meals are included or excluded. Be sure to bring enough cash money with you (or at least count on it before you leave) so you can buy food during the tour.

How do I get an Egyptian visa?

You have to buy a visa at the airport when you arrive in Cairo. Banks sell them for a price between € 15,- and $ 20,-. The visa is a sticker that you should put in your passport. Entry and Exit stamps will be stamped on the sticker.
Your passport should still be valid for 6 months after departure, but check your country's regulations before you travel.

Can I make a trip to the Abu Simbel?

Yes, it is possible to make an optional excursion to the Abu Simbel from Aswan. This excursion is never included on the tours! The transfer to the Abu Simbel takes about 3,5 hours and you can spend 2 hours there.
There's also the possibility to fly from Aswan to the Abu Simbel, but this costs more. Comparing times between a bustrip or flying, you will have the same amount of time at the temple complex.
Check the prices for the Abu Simbel excursion under "Excursions".

How can I pay for the excursions?

We pride ourself to have a LOT of excursions included in all our tours. We don't find it fair that you'll have to bring a bag of money to pay for the excursions we already know you want to make!
Therefor, we INCLUDED them already!

Optional excursions, not pre-booked, can only be paid for in cash Euro's or US Dollars during the trip. The pricelist of all the optional excursions can be found here on our website. If you're not sure whether you want to make the excursions, be sure to have enough cash with you when you do decide to make the trip. It would be a shame if you were not able to do them!
Of course it is easier (and less risky) if you pre-book the excursions. You can do this by filling in the right questions on the bookingform.

How do we travel through Egypt?

Traveling through Egypt will be done by vans, airplanes, a/c busses, Nile cruisers and/or feluccas, as indicated in the specific itineraries.

What is the arrangement with our tourguides/tourleaders?

The tour will be guided by a tourleader. However, the excursions will be guided by a professional local guide at every site.
Your tourleader is going to tell you about the every day life, the culture, practical information, entrance fees, etc. If you have any remarks, complaints or questions, you should ask your tourleader. The tourleader will be in close contact with the headoffice.

What would be the best time to go to Egypt?

Egypt is suitable for travels all year round. Even in the hot summer season, it is fine to travel. The air in the summer is warm, but dry. The BEST period for traveling is October through May.
Usually, all excursions are planned in the morning, so you can sit in the shade in the afternoon. Some accommodations have swimmingpools to jump in when it's getting too hot after all.

Where can I exchange money?

The easiest way to get Egyptian Pounds is by using your bank / ATM card. ATM machines are available in all larger cities, but take some cash US dollars or Euro's with you to pay for optional excursions (or for extra cash for souvenirs).
You will be able to exchange money at the bank offices. Sometimes you can even exchange money at restaurants or in some shops, but they will give you a low exchange rate.
Don't forget that you will need about 200 euro pp/per week for things like excursions, meals and souvenirs!
Credit Cards (Visa/MasterCard/AmEx/etc) are NOT widely accepted!

If you still have questions, don't be shy and just send us an email!


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