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Private Tours and Group Trips through ancient Egypt
egypt travel tours vacation grouptrips




Day 1 - Cairo

Arrival to Cairo airport. Our representative will meet you in the arrival hall and transfer you to your hotel. Later in the afternoon, you will meet your experienced tourmanager to discuss the itinerary and answer all your questions, if you have any. (no meals included)

Your trip starts today in Cairo. No activities are planned so you may arrive at any time. Rooms are generally available after 1.00 pm.
When you arrive in Cairo you are thrown headlong into the hustle and bustle of this wonderful city. As you wander the streets your senses will be assaulted on all levels - an endless cacophony of noise with cars tooting donkeys braying and the muezzin calling the faithful to prayer; the mix of smells like the aroma from cooking pots bubbling with 'foul' (pronounced 'fool' - a local bean paste dish that we will certainly get to sample); the delicious taste of mint tea as you sit in a shaded café to relax; and the endless river of life that you can watch roll past you - women haggling in the bazaars, men talking whilst enjoying a traditional shisha pipe, cars vying for space on the crowded roads, camels ambling serenely along and children playing in the back streets.

Day 2 - Cairo

Today we enjoy a guided visit to the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx at Giza. The Pyramids really do have to be seen to be believed! To get there we weave our way through the manic Cairo traffic, out into the suburbs and then, suddenly, there they are. Huge majestic tombs rising out the desert, towering above the modern city of Cairo, they are an incredible testament to the immense achievements of the Ancient Egyptians. Built over 5000 years ago the Pyramids are the only one of the seven wonders of the ancient world that is still standing. We explore the Pyramids and the Sphinx with our Egyptologist guide who can explain all the mysteries surrounding their creation - were they built by aliens or are they aligned to the stars? We also have the opportunity to climb inside the Great Pyramid (optional) and see for ourselves the burial chamber inside (not for the claustrophobic!).

Later we visit the Egyptian Museum with an Egyptologist. What a museum, what a collection! This museum houses the world's greatest collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts including many of the treasures discovered in the tombs of pharaohs, the amazing golden mask of Tutankhamun and a large number of mummies. To put that in perspective, if you spend just one minute at each exhibit it would take more than nine months to see everything!

You have a free afternoon to explore Cairo, and you have the opportunity to visit Giza Sound and Light Show by the pyramids (optional). (B)

Day 3 - Luxor - Nile Cruise Boat

Today we have an early start and get our transfers to Cairo airport for our flights to Luxor. On arrival in Luxor, we are transferred to our deluxe Nile Cruiser, where we will spend the next four days on board.

There cannot be anywhere else in the world that has the same number of awe-inspiring attractions as the small town of Luxor. This was the capital of Egypt in ancient times (then known as Thebes) and there are an endless number of temples, tombs and museums that could keep even the most avid sightseer busy for a week! The many impressive sights include the massive Karnak Temple complex and the Valley of the Kings.

In the afternoon we ride on horse-drawn carriages along the banks of the Nile to Karnak Temple, where we have a guided tour around this magnificent complex. Arriving at the gates there is an avenue of lion statues leading up to the magnificent gates. But this doesn't prepare you for the sheer size of the temple when you get inside. It was built by many pharaohs over a period of 2000 years with each one trying to outdo his predecessor in architectural achievement. You could lose yourself inside but we have an Egyptologist who takes us around, pointing out all the most impressive parts of the temple and giving a full insight into the lives of the pharaohs who worshipped there.

Later in the afternoon, we will have the opportunity to enjoy the amazing Sound and Light Show at Karnak Temple (optional) or enjoy Luxor by Night (optional) on a horse-drawn carriage around the oldest Luxor souks. (B L D)

Day 4 - Luxor - Nile Cruise

The Valley of the Kings is on the other side of the Nile, on the West Bank. To get there we have a very early rise, and meet up with our donkeys who will be our favoured (and most fun!) method of transport. Each member of the group will be assigned a donkey and given a quick lesson in how to control them, before we set off on the seven kilometre ride. We take quiet roads, with lovely views of the green fields leading to the edge of the Nile and the sheer cliffs of the desert beyond. We are not the only people up at this time and will pass villagers on their own donkeys on their way to the fields. Arriving at the Valley of the Kings, there is not much to see above the ground. But corridors carved deep into the valley lead to the burial chambers far underground. The walls of the tombs are covered in incredibly well preserved paintings depicting the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt and complex hieroglyphics which our guide will help us decipher.

We visit three different tombs and there may also be the chance to visit the tomb of Tutankhamun, the famous boy king (optional), and spend some time exploring on your own.

Our route takes us past the Colossi of Memnon. before heading back to the East Bank for our lunch on board.

We start sailing towards Edfu in the afternoon. (B L D)

Day 5 - Edfu - Kom Ombo - Aswan - Nile Cruise

In the morning we will experience visiting the Edfu Temple on a guided tour. This is a magnificent temple dedicated to Horus, the falcon-headed god, and is also home of many ancient Egyptian legends. For centuries Edfu was almost completely covered with sand, which has protected the building from the elements. This means that Edfu is one of the best preserved temples in Egypt. Reliefs carved into the temple walls depicting Horus and other gods on a grand scale, black granite falcon statues standing over two metres tall and a myriad of secret passageways and hidden rooms make Edfu a temple not to be missed.

On our way to Aswan, we will be visiting the temples at Kom Ombo, the temples of Sobek and Horus. Komombo is a lovely temple located right on the edge of the Nile. It is a classic Greco-Roman temple with exquisite relief carvings and is dedicated to Sobek, the crocodile-headed god.

In the evening we sail to Aswan where we will spend the night on the Nile Cruiser. (B L D)

Day 6 - Aswan - Nile Cruise

Aswan is one of our favourite places. Despite the fact that it is Egypt's third largest city, it has an easy-going, laid-back atmosphere that belies its size. There is certainly a lot to see and do. For those keen on visiting as many great sites of antiquities as possible, we have included a great tour to the Temple of Isis on Philae Island.

In the afternoon, we will sail on a local felucca around Elephantine Island.

In the evening, there will be an opportunity (optional) to visit a Nubian Village and enjoy a home-made dinner with a Nubian family. (B L D)

Day 7 - Aswan - Abu Simbel (optional) - Cairo

In the morning, we will be disembarking our amazing Nile Cruiser.

Today we have the opportunity to take an optional, but highly recommended excursion to visit the magnificent temples of Abu Simbel. Abu Simbel is one of the highlights of any visit to Egypt and considered 'not-to-be-missed' by many travellers. Deep in the heart of the desert, miles from the nearest habitation is a gigantic monolith out of which are carved four colossal statues - each one the seated figure of Ramses II, one of Ancient Egypt's greatest pharaohs. Built in the 13th century BC, the temples remained totally hidden by sand until 1813, and were almost destined to be submerged again, 150 years later, by the rising waters of Lake Nasser - a man-made lake formed after the building of the Aswan High Dam. Remarkably, a massive UNESCO project dismantled the entire temple and the cliff out of which it is carved, and reassembled it on higher ground redirecting the magnificent stare of Ramses II across Lake Nasser's blue waters. It is still possible to see just how close they came to being submerged by the watermarks around the base of the statues.

Later in the afternoon we will be transferred to the airport of Aswan for out flight back to Cairo. On arrival we are taken to our hotel and then we are free to explore. In the older part of the city there is a lot to see, including some beautiful old mosques and, of course, the fantastic Khan el Khalili bazaar - an amazing mix of shops and stalls that have traded goods and gossip since the Middle Ages. There's time for everything and our tour leader can help organise taxis: but be prepared to bargain! This evening we can enjoy a final night out together. (B)

Day 8 - Cairo

Our trip ends today after breakfast. Check-out time is usually around 12 noon. (B)

The tour does NOT include a transfer back to Cairo airport! Be sure to ask your tourmanager or the hotel for a transfer to the airport if you are leaving Cairo today.

If you are interested in an extension, please check the extensions mentioned on our website. We will be happy to accommodate you further!

B: breakfast included
L: lunch included
D: diner included

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