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egypt travel tours vacation grouptripsegypt travel tours vacation grouptrips
Private Tours and Group Trips through ancient Egypt
egypt travel tours vacation grouptrips



"Egypt Explore" is the cooperation between several people from the tourism branch in Egypt and touroperator BlueSky Holiday Design in the Netherlands.

All of us have years of experience in traveling, tourleading and management.

Since we either live in Egypt, have lived in Egypt, or see Egypt as our favorite country,
we are THE specialists for Egyptian group and/or private tours.

We know the country as the back of our hands. So, you know you are in good hands with us and we will do everything and anything to make your holiday perfect!

Egypt-Explore's head offices:
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Emad Angie

Emad has graduated from Al Alson University for Tourism and Hotel Management. He is also a former tourleader for "Imaginative Traveller" (over 10 years of experience!). Emad now owns a bar/club in Dahab.

Emad does the Egypt-related side of the tours. On your trips, he will be one of your contact persons, and you might see him in Dahab.

Angie is an anthropologist and, since 2006, the owner of the BlueSky Holiday Design. She's been traveling around the world and has lived in Egypt for 4 years. Angie's also a former tourleader.

Angie does the administrative side of things. You will meet her when you ask any questions or book your trip. You might catch her also on vacation in Dahab.


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